OUr History

In 2002 the North Mianus Bulldogs organization was established to resurrect the storied North Mianus football tradition that began decades earlier as the North Mianus Cowboys/Indians and counts among its alumni NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young as well as many of the Bulldogs’ current coaches and parents of the players and cheerleaders.

OUr Mission

The Bulldogs mission is to provide an environment and community that allows our players and cheerleaders to grow athletically and personally while emphasizing safety and fun. We strive to bring out the very best in each child on and off the field.


Our Foundation

The Bulldogs Community is built on a strong foundation of:

  • Teamwork

  • Accountability

  • Respect

  • Resiliency

  • Integrity

  • Fun


A history of Success


2012:  Bantams

2010:  Juniors

2008:  Bantams

2008:  Seniors

2006:  Juniors

2006:  Seniors

2005:  Juniors

2004:  Bantams

Bulldogs Leadership

President:  Sareth Neak

Vice President:   Andrew Beilenson

Director of Cheer:  Annie Yardis

Secretary:  Andrea Falco

Treasurer:  Tom McGrath

Legal Counsel:  Eileen Tweddle

On-Field Football Operations Chair (Past President): Chris Sardone

Parents/Team Mom Liaison:  Dawn Caruso

Merchandising and Fund Raising Co-Chairs:  Sarah Stuckey and Meg Hildebrand

Coaches Rep: Peter Kelly

Events and Communications Chair: Martha Agarwal